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Digital Smile DesignEvery patient visualizes their ideal smile goals before their consultation. These aesthetic purposes are discussed with your dentist to efficiently devise a systematic approach by way of diagnosis, clear communication and the development of a treatment plan.

To better improve your smile experience, we offer digital smile design: a process which genuinely unlocks the key to communication by allowing both the patient and dentist to visualize the restorative or smile enhancement process. This visual interaction enables the patient to become the co-designer of their treatment plan (Smile) via the implementation of high-resolution photos and videos unique to the digital smile design process. In other words, we will use pictures of you with CGI (computer generated imagery) to impose the digital smile we design on your picture. So you can see how your smile (teeth) will appear.

Digital Smile Design advantages include:

An upgraded approach to providing the better communication between the dental staff and patients via visual guides throughout the smile design process leading to an improved understanding of desired smile goals and resulting in valued patient satisfaction. 

Improved clinical efficiency and predictability through the use of visual aids at the start of treatment and as the patient’s smile progresses.

A modern take to smile design diagnostics through the aid of extra-and-intraoral structural and aesthetic assessment.

The case presentation is based on each patient’s dental and facial proportions via a predetermined series of high-quality digital images and videos that incorporate the harmonious functioning of the smile’s corresponding facial features in motion and with emotion.

Your digital smile design dentist can provide you with a more efficient and precise smile design process, further enhancing your overall smile journey experience. Through the use of digital technology, DSD allows you to ‘test drive’ their smile goals - confirming your acceptance before any tooth preparation. You will then be better equipped to comfortably undergo treatment having had the opportunity to view and approve the proposed aesthetic alterations.


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