Benefits of Invisalign

Healthier Gums: When your teeth are in proper alignment, they are easier to brush and floss than teeth that are crowded, crooked or spaced too far apart. Invisalign will properly positioned teeth to help the gums 'fit' tighter around them which helps promote periodontal health.

 In a properly aligned smile, bacteria and plaque have less places to hide.

Easier Cleanings: One of the biggest challenges our patients face with traditional braces is removing all the food that gets trapped in the brackets and wires which can lead to plaque buildup and tooth decay. Invisalign allows you to continue cleaning your teeth as you normally would.

With proper and consistent oral hygiene, the probability of plaque retention, periodontal disease and tooth decay is greatly reduced.

Improved Chewing and Speech: In some cases, speech problems may result from poorly positioned jaws and teeth. Invisalign can help improve chewing and speech by correcting your bite.

Decreased Risk of Dental Trauma and Abnormal Wear: Teeth that are not in proper alignment may cause unnecessary grinding, over strain the teeth, jaws and muscles, and increase the risk of trauma to your teeth.

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DSDApp is designed to guide you through that first appointment. Not only will the app save you significant time through the smile design process, but it will naturally involve your patient through the process, establishing a trusting relationship between you. 

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