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The QuickSleeper 5

The QuickSleeper 5 is a device that can be used to anesthetize patients quickly and comfortably. This device delivers intraosseous anesthesia, which is placed in the bone tissue next to the tooth or teeth that are being anesthetized. Dr. Shruti Chahal uses the QuickSleeper 5 as a treatment method for her patients in Calgary, AB. This safe and effective method allows patients to relax during dental procedures without any pain.

Dental Anesthetic in Calgary, Alberta

The Benefits of the QuickSleeper 5

The QuickSleeper 5:

  • Provides pain-free dental care
  • Offers precise treatment
  • Does not numb other parts of the face or mouth
  • Can target dense bone
  • Provides immediate results
  • Does not come with postoperative pain

Please let Dr. Shruti Chahal and her team know if you have questions about anesthesia or require treatment accommodations. The dentists and office staff at Foothills Dentistry want every patient that visits their office to feel comfortable and welcomed.

Treatment Using the QuickSleeper 5

To provide anesthesia with the QuickSleeper 5, Dr. Shruti Chahal will first choose the right needle size and injection speed. The handpiece has three types of needles as well as three different speeds to target the bone and gum tissue. Then, she will inject anesthesia into the gums and the bone tissue between the teeth. This allows her to anesthetize multiple teeth at once without any pain for the patient.

With the QuickSleeper 5, Dr. Shruti Chahal can provide dental implants, tooth extractions, scaling treatment, root canal treatment, and cosmetic care. She can also treat younger patients as the handheld device is safe for patients of all ages. Immediately after the anesthesia is injected, patients feel numbness in the treated area, which allows Dr. Shruti Chahal to begin her general, cosmetic, or restorative treatment. There are no postoperative side effects or pain with the QuickSleeper 5.

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