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Do you have teeth that are damaged or missing? Is your bite uncomfortable?

Restoring the health and function of a damaged smile will have many benefits, from improved oral health to greater smile confidence. Dr. Chahal can restore chipped, cracked, decayed and missing teeth at Foothills Dentistry in Calgary and give you back a reason to smile each day.

restorative dentist in Calgary, Alberta

Treatment for Damaged Teeth

Tooth damage may begin as a small chip or crack, but left untreated can eventually threaten the entire tooth and your overall dental health. Restoring tooth damage as soon as possible an avoid progression and stabilize your smile and the function of your bite. Dr. Chahal offers a full range of restorative dental treatments and quality restorations in our Calgary dental practice. We provide treatment for children, teens, and adults using advanced technology for the best possible patient experience.

  • Dental Bonding: quick, economical and convenient solution for minor tooth chips, cracks, and other concerns.
  • Dental Crowns: we can place all types of dental crowns to address advanced tooth decay, broken teeth and larger areas of damage with natural-looking results.
  • Dental Veneers: using dental veneers, we can close gaps between teeth and repair chipped or broken teeth. We offer custom porcelain veneers for a beautiful, lasting smile or smile makeover.
  • BioClear Restorations: BioClear restorations can be used as an alternative for dental veneers or dental bonding. They are used to address many of the same dental concerns; in addition, BioClear is commonly used to address black triangles between the teeth, which are typically the result bone loss and recession of the gum line.

Tooth Replacement in Calgary

Replacing lost teeth is imperative for both restoring your natural appearance and stabilizing your dental health. Lost teeth have a wide-ranging impact on many aspects of both oral and overall health and well-being. A single missing tooth can increase the risk of developing gum disease, tooth decay and lead to changes in the fit and function of the bite as remaining teeth shift and jaw bone changes begin to occur.

Dr. Chahal works with patients who have lost teeth on an individual basis to create a personalized treatment plan for smile restoration designed to address both oral health needs and cosmetic goals. From dental bridges to comprehensive implant dentistry, we can replace one or more lost teeth and provide lasting results.

  • Dental implants: available for one or more lost teeth, dental implants are the most natural tooth replacement option available, restoring normal speech and chewing ability without the need for daily adhesives.
  • Dental bridges: one missing tooth or several consecutive missing teeth can be replaced and function restored using a dental bridge. We also offer implant supported bridges for the most stable result and natural chewing function.
  • Dentures: beautiful, cosmetic dentures can replace a full arch of lost teeth. Dr. Chahal can permanently secure your denture with dental implants for a new smile that will fit and feel as close to your natural teeth as possible. Implant dentures also provide important benefits for your overall oral health.

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