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It is never too late to straighten your smile. Orthodontics to realign the position of your teeth will improve both the appearance and health of your natural smile. Dr. Shruti Chahal is a Calgary Invisalign provider and offers orthodontic treatment and braces for adults, working with you on an individual basis to evaluate and meet your needs with the highest standard of care.

Orthodontics in Calgary, Alberta

Orthodontics has been revolutionized by clear braces and clear aligner systems. These options for adult patients can offer benefits that address many of the reasons that most adult patients avoided braces. The benefits of using clear braces and aligners can include:

  • discreet orthodontic treatment that no one will notice
  • comfortable treatment with minimal to no irritation of the gums
  • shorter treatment times for many patients
  • ability to continue enjoying your favorite foods

Dr. Chahal will discuss your cosmetic goals and thoroughly evaluate the function of your bite before recommending orthodontic treatment to ensure your end result is stable and lasting. Foothills Dentistry offers a free Invisalign consultation to explore your options and learn more about how Invisalign clear aligners can address your smile concerns.

How Can Braces Improve My Smile?

Braces and aligners for adults can create a straighter smile that is aesthetically pleasing, boosting your confidence in social and professional settings. In addition, straighter teeth are easier to clean, floss, and maintain. This can help you to avoid common dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. Healthy, stable teeth will support long-term dental health and your best quality of life.

Beyond crooked teeth, malocclusion can affect the function and comfort of your bite. If the teeth can not make proper contact when biting due to an overbite, underbite, or other types of malocclusion, a range of dental health risks are present:

  • tooth damage such as chips and cracks
  • tooth decay and gum disease
  • TMJ related problems due to tension in the jaw muscles

The dentist often recommends orthodontic treatment for adults as part of a treatment plan for bite problems and TMJ. Imbalance in the structure of your smile or tooth position cause TMJ disorders. Addressing these underlying problems through adult orthodontics will give you better bite function, a more stable smile, and the ability to enjoy it for longer.

Adult Braces FAQs

Are there any benefits to getting braces later in life?

There may be more options for braces treatment if you wait till later in life. Invisible or clear braces are an option that many adults choose for aesthetic benefits. Depending on the severity of the issues, the dentist suggests lingual braces. The dentist affixes these braces behind the teeth instead of in front.

Is there an age where it is too late for braces?

As a whole, the orthodontic community has not put a label on an age at which patients are too old for braces, largely because they do not seem to have one. It is preferred to have braces while you are young and your oral health is in its best, strongest, and most formable condition. Younger mouths are easier to make changes to. However, it’s completely normal and safe to get braces at a later age.

Do braces take longer as an adult?

Undergoing treatment with braces as an adult is known to sometimes be a longer process than if the treatment was done on a younger individual. Adults’ bones have been in the same position for a very long time without being disrupted. This makes them harder to move, causing treatment to potentially take longer.

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Dr. Chahal has the training and experience to treat patients of all ages to help you achieve the smile you desire. If you would like to schedule a consultation and discuss your needs and treatment options contact our Calgary dentist office or request an appointment online.