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Dental Bridges Calgary, AB

Dental Bridges An Overview

A dental bridge can restore function and aesthetics when one or several consecutive teeth are missing. Traditionally a dental bridge was a removable oral appliance, but today’s patients can enjoy the benefits of a fixed bridge that is permanently secured using dental implants or natural teeth strengthened by dental crowns. A dental bridge can be designed and placed in 2-3 visits with Dr. Chahal at Foothills Dentistry in Calgary. Visit our friendly restorative dentistry for your dental needs.

Replacing your missing teeth with a dental bridge will support your long-term dental health and your best quality of life. Dr. Chahal works with patients who have missing teeth to re-establish a healthy, comfortable and functional smile through personalized treatment.

Dental Bridge vs Dental Implant: What to consider

Dental bridges in Calgary Alberta CanadaWhen it comes to replacing a single tooth, a dental bridge or a dental implant remain the common options for most patients. Dr. Chahal will provide a recommendation based upon her exam and your overall needs, but there are several important points to consider when weighing the options.

  • Stable and permanent solution: a dental implant is secure and permanent, replacing your lost tooth with natural function and aesthetics.
  • Minimizes changes in the jaw: by replacing the tooth root structure, a dental implant supports and stabilizes jaw bone tissue where the lost tooth was located, minimizing bone loss and shrinkage of the jaw.
  • Cost and time investment: initially a dental implant will most likely be more costly and time-consuming but in the long run a permanent solution that should remain as stable as a natural tooth and restore the most natural chewing function and speech.

Dental Bridges What to Expect

The process for placing a dental bridge will depend on the need for any pre-treatment preparation and whether dental implants are being used to anchor the bridge. In the case of dental implants, the surgical placement of the post will take place first, followed by a healing period of several months. During this time, a temporary bridge is placed to restore function and the final restoration is attached once tissues have healed.

If natural teeth are to be used to attach a bridge, they will most likely be prepared for the placement of crowns to better support the appliance.

Dr. Chahal will take impressions of your teeth and mouth for use in designing your custom dental bridge after any necessary tooth extractions or preparation of anchor teeth is complete.

Throughout the process, your comfort is one of our primary concerns and we will discuss your needs before any part of the treatment to ensure you feel relaxed and confident in your care. Most patients are kept comfortable with local anesthetics when necessary, but we offer sedation options for anxious patients or during the placement of a dental implant.