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Do you grind your teeth or clench your jaw?

Many patients don’t realize they grind their teeth until they visit the dentist. Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a common dental concern that often occurs during sleep. Because teeth grinding typically occurs during sleep, many patients won’t realize they grind their teeth until they visit the dentist for their preventive care examination.

Patients who grind their teeth may experience symptoms such as worn teeth, headaches, and jaw pain. Our team at Foothills Dentistry can help identify your symptoms and provide a proper diagnosis. Our Calgary dentist office offers a full range of treatments for patients with bruxism.

What Are The Signs Of Teeth Grinding?

Although there is not a singular cause for teeth grinding, there are many factors that may increase your risk of experiencing teeth grinding. Patients who experience stress are more likely to grind their teeth. Others factors like the way in which the teeth, jaw, and muscles work together can contribute to teeth grinding.

If you notice any of these changes in your dental health, be sure to contact your trusted team of dentists at Foothills Dentistry.

Common signs of teeth grinding:

  • Worn teeth or damaged teeth
  • Dull teeth or broken teeth
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Jaw pain
  • Cuts or sores on the inside cheek
  • A chronic earache
  • A headache or facial pain

In advanced cases, untreated bruxism can contribute to TMJ disorder. The temporomandibular joint holds the lower and upper jaw together and allows patients to move their jaw properly. When the temporomandibular joint is damaged, patients can experience pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. When you notice any signs of dysfunction in your dental health, it is important to seek help right away to avoid extensive damage to the teeth, muscles, and jaw.

How is Teeth Grinding Treated?

Your Foothills Dentistry dentist will begin your treatment with a one on one consultation. We understand no two smiles are alike, so we perform an in-depth evaluation of your occlusal system to determine the underlying cause of your bruxism.

Once the underlying cause is identified, our team can build out a treatment plan that not only addresses the underlying cause of bruxism but also treats the existing damage and prevents any further dysfunction.

Depending on your needs, we may recommend one or more of these treatments:

Mouthguards For Teeth Grinding

One of the most common solutions for teeth grinding is the mouthguard, also known as a sleepy guard. A properly crafted mouthguard can help prevent future teeth grinding. We can create a custom fit mouthguard that fits snugly over the teeth, which helps prevent the biting surfaces of the teeth from coming together. With a custom designed mouthguard, patients can alleviate symptoms like headaches and facial pain.

Teeth Grinding FAQs

Overtime do teeth recover from grinding?

Many people will break their habit of grinding their teeth overtime, however the damage caused to the surface of teeth from it cannot be reversed. Some medications can be prescribed, and mouthguards can be worn to prevent further damage from grinding and stop any pains it may be causing but previous damage is permanent.

What does teeth grinding pain feel like?

Pain from teeth grinding varies from patient to patient. Some may report feeling like their jaw is locked and their facial and neck muscles are extremely tight. Others may report increased tooth sensitivity to chewing, and pain in their ear. Most patients who grind their teeth feel achy  or sore pain in their jaw.

How common is teeth grinding?

Teeth grinding is fairly common in many people. Approximately half of the worlds population occasionally grind their teeth in response to stress. About 5% of people regularly grind their teeth at night. This can cause damage to the surface of teeth, and other health issues such as headaches and muscle soreness.

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