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All-inclusive Invisalign Pricing. No hidden fees. No surprises.

  • Free Consultation

    Free Consultation

    Includes all photos, x-rays (pan)* and a thorough examination with our dentist. We will show you a simulated outcome of your treatment during your first consultation, so you can see what your smile will look like before any work begins.
    *x-rays (pan) will be deducted from total cost.
  • Affordable Fees

    Affordable Fees

    Complete Invisalign Cost is $4995. Perfect your smile without anyone noticing! Invisalign is comfortable, discreet, and effective! Cheaper prices available for minor treatment.
  • $0 Down Financing

    $0 Down Financing

    We offer zero-down payment plans from as low as $200/month. Must qualify for financing. Or 3 Payments of $665 Down with our guaranteed in-house financing. No Credit Check.
  • All-Inclusive Pricing

    All-Inclusive Pricing

    All photos and x-rays (pan)*
    All adjustments
    All repairs
    All emergencies
    1 Set of Removable Retainers
    *x-rays (pan) will be deducted from total cost.

Putty-Free Digital Dental Impressions

itero element Quick Overview

For patients interested in Invisalign, this new tool enables us to show you a simulated outcome of your treatment during your first consultation, so you can see what your smile will look like before any work begins.


invisalign Certified Connectivity

Our Office uses the iTero digital scanner instead of putty to show our patients the outcome of their Invisalign treatment on the first visit. Goodbye stress. Goodbye goop. Goodbye gagging.

  •  No More Messy and Uncomfortable Impression
  •  10X fewer invisalign rejections
  •  7X fewer invisalign fit issues
  •  Better patient experience
  •  Simulated outcomes for patients on the first visit

Invisalign Calgary

Invisalign Calgary

Invisalign clear braces allows patients to correct a wide range of smile concerns without having to sacrifice their aesthetic appearance in the process.

So how does invisalign work? Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic aligners which are switched out every two weeks to gradually move your teeth into proper alignment. One of the advantages of invisalign vs braces is that invisalign’s aligners are removable so that you can brush, floss and enjoy the foods you love with ease. This can make maintaining proper oral hygiene easier and more convenient while improving your smile. 

Your Invisalign dentist can treat a variety of smile concerns including complex cases.

Invisalign may be used to correct mild, moderate and even complex cases. We offer invisalign treatment for teens and adults as well. In fact, many of our invisalign patients are adults seeking to improve their smile, or correct teeth that may have shifted after prior orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign's clear braces are ideal for adults who need to look established for business meetings, special occasions, etc. SInce there are no brackets or wires, invisalign treatment requires fewer appointments and less interruptions in your busy schedule. 

During your orthodontic consult with your invisalign dentist, Dr. Shruti Chahal will evaluate your smile, discuss any concerns you may have and get a better idea of the smile you envision. Once we devise a treatment plan for you, we’ll take impressions of your teeth to be sent to the lab where your invisalign aligners will be created.

The Invisalign procedure is fast, painless and requires less appointments than traditional braces.

The invisalign procedure is simple, fast and painless. You may feel a slight sensation of pressure when your aligners are first applied to your teeth. This minor discomfort will quickly subside as your teeth adjust and gradually move into proper alignment.

Invisalign cost is determined on the complexity of each case. During your consultation with your invisalign dentist, Dr. Shruti Chahal will discuss treatment prices with you and whether any additional procedures such as extractions may be required to complete your case. 

DSD APP Office

DSDApp is designed to guide you through that first appointment. Not only will the app save you significant time through the smile design process, but it will naturally involve your patient through the process, establishing a trusting relationship between you. 

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Dr. Shruti Chahal

Calgary Dentist

  • Completed advanced training from the University of Alberta in facial rejuvenation with Btoxin (neuromodulators)
  • University of British Columbia, completed a course on Oral sedation to treat anxious patients.
  • Completed courses in orthodontics (Braces) and Invisalign.