How to Treat Tooth Damage

Did you just chip one of your front teeth? Do you have a damaged tooth but are unsure what to do? We can help. Our cosmetic dental treatments can cover and protect teeth, preventing further tooth damage while improving the aesthetics of the smile. Dr. Shruti Chahal is a cosmetic dentist in Calgary, AB, that helps patients address problems like tooth damage and dental injuries with lasting, natural-looking treatment. She can create brilliant results that match the contours and colors of patients’ natural smiles.

Cosmetic Dentist in Calgary, AB

Tooth Damage Can Lead to More Problems

Even if you have just one damaged tooth, you can develop increased oral health problems that impact day-to-day life:

  • Pain: Damaged teeth can cause pain when patients bite and chew. Some tooth damage can also expose layers beneath the tooth enamel closer to the tooth’s nerves. Exposed nerves can create increased sensitivity, discomfort, and pain.
  • Nutrition Problems: Patients with tooth damage can also experience difficulty biting and chewing if they have fractures, chips, or breaks in their teeth. Uneven bites can also place increased pressure on the jaw joints or certain teeth in the mouth.
  • Increased Tooth Damage and Decay: If patients already have a damaged tooth and do not receive care fast enough, they can chip or break off more of their natural enamel. Breaks in the enamel can also give harmful bacteria a way to enter and infect the tooth. Patients with damaged and decayed teeth will often require a root canal, dental filling, and dental crown.

It’s important to receive professional dental care as soon as you experience a dental injury. Over time, damaged teeth can lead to pain and discomfort in everyday life. Patients can also experience decay if harmful bacteria enter through a crack or chip in the tooth.

How We Treat Tooth Damage in Calgary, AB

Our dental office examines patients’ smiles to determine the best treatment method for their goals and oral health needs. Some patients may benefit from cosmetic treatments over restorative solutions, or vice versa. We take a comprehensive approach to dental care, taking multiple factors into account when diagnosing and treating our patients. Our office can provide bonding, veneers, crowns, and Bioclear to address damaged teeth.

Tooth bonding uses a malleable composite material that we color-match to natural teeth. Bonding can address fractured, chipped, cracked, and otherwise damaged teeth. We ensure that bonded teeth look and feel as natural as possible. Color-matching the bonding material to natural teeth ensures that the treated tooth blends in with the rest of the smile.

Porcelain veneers can also cover areas of tooth damage and address tooth discoloration. However, veneers cannot address large areas of damage. Typically, we recommend veneers for patients with smaller chips or cracks in their tooth enamel. Dental veneers can also address all of the teeth in the smile line. Bioclear is an alternative to bonding and veneers that can address chips, cracks, and wear. This treatment uses matrices and malleable materials to create a brighter, more balanced smile.

If patients have extensive damage, especially to their back teeth, we will recommend dental crowns. Dental crowns fully cover teeth like caps, addressing weakened, worn, and damaged teeth. Like veneers and bonding treatments, crowns are color-matched to blend in with the smile.

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