Top Benefits of Dental Lasers

Dental lasers are one of the best dental tools for patients who require oral surgery. Laser dentistry can address problems like tooth decay and gum disease without the need for sutures or dental sedation. We offer soft tissue dental lasers as a modern alternative to traditional dental tools like drills which are often loud and vibrate, contributing to discomfort post-treatment. Lasers are a beneficial tool for patients, whether they have dental anxiety or simply need to treat symptoms of gum disease. Here we will explore the many benefits of dental lasers for patients in our Calgary, AB office.

benefits of dental lasers in Calgary, AB

Benefits of Laser Dentistry in Calgary, AB

There are many advantages to dental lasers, as opposed to traditional dental tools. Learn more about each of these benefits, particularly soft tissue lasers for gum treatments:

Painless Care

Dental lasers use a high-energy beam of light and wavelengths to treat the teeth and gums. Traditional dental scalpels and picks can create pain without localized anesthesia and dental sedation. Additionally, dental tools like drills can vibrate which can increase a patient’s sensitivity and pain, even after surgery. Lasers are painless and may only require anesthesia in most cases.

Precise Treatment

Unlike drills or other surgical implements, lasers provide targeted treatment. The dental lasers themselves are small, handheld tools that allow our team to treat specific areas of the smile. Additionally, the laser uses a narrow beam of light to contour the gum tissue or remove infected tissue. Because dental lasers are so precise, there is a much smaller chance of infection at the surgical site. We also do not need to deliver an anesthetic to a large area of the mouth with laser treatment.

Quick Healing Time

We do not need to use sutures because dental lasers minimize bleeding. Dental lasers seal surgical sites and promote regrowth and healing. Because of this, lasers offer quick healing times and less chance of infection at treatment sites. Patients do not need to worry about post-surgical bleeding as the lasers close the surgical sites.

Anxiety Relief

Many patients with dental fear or anxiety benefit from laser treatment. The many benefits of dental lasers also make it easier for patients with dental fear or anxiety to receive the care they need. Unlike traditional dental surgery, dental lasers offer quiet, quick treatment. Dental drills and other traditional surgical tools can make loud, startling noises. Additionally, because dental lasers result in minimal bleeding, patients do not need to worry about the sight of blood or having to use gauze during the healing process. Dental lasers offer a much more pleasant treatment process and healing than traditional oral surgery for our dental patients.

Do you need to treat your gums but don’t want traditional oral surgery? Call Dr. Shruti Chahal for laser dental care today at . You can also schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Shruti Chahal on our website. If you have any questions about laser dentistry, let the team at Foothills Dentistry know and we will be happy to help.