Handling Dental Emergencies

Dr. Shruti Chahal helps patients with dental emergencies in her Calgary, AB dental office. Dental emergencies are sudden and can often be painful, which is why Dr. Shruti Chahal and her office team work with patients to schedule appointments as soon as possible.

Broken dental restorations like tooth crowns, dentures, and bridges can be repaired or replaced by Dr. Shruti Chahal. She also helps patients assuage tooth pain and replace knocked-out teeth.

Treat Dental Emergency in Calgary, Alberta

Common Emergency Dental Problems

Dr. Shruti Chahal can address a number of dental emergencies in her office. She always takes the patient’s dental history into account to provide the most efficient care that fits their needs.


Tooth pain may be caused by a number of things, including severe tooth decay, infection, or even a dental abscess. If you have lasting tooth pain or sudden and sharp pain, please call our Calgary office. Before your appointment, you may use pain medications and a cold compress on the side of your face to assuage any swelling.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If you have accidentally knocked out an adult tooth, pick the tooth up by the crown and gently wash it off. Avoid touching the tooth at the root and place it in a cup of milk or saliva. Do not attempt to put it back in the socket by yourself, as this can damage the tooth.

When you get to our office, Dr. Shruti Chahal will evaluate the tooth to determine if it can be restored. She may recommend a single dental implant that blends in with your smile and restores full function to your bite.

Broken Restoration

If you have a broken dental crown, or if it completely falls out, do not try to replace it on your own as it could damage your tooth. In addition, if your dental bridge or denture breaks, Dr. Shruti Chahal will determine if they can be repaired and replaced. She is also able to create a new restoration for you.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Call Dr. Shruti Chahal’s Calgary office at (403) 910-5452. For non-emergency dental care, request a consultation with Dr. Shruti Chahal online.