How to Brighten Your Smile

Do you have yellowed, stained, or discolored teeth? Dr. Shruti Chahal provides teeth whitening solutions for patients in her Calgary, AB dental office. Teeth can become discolored due to injury, taking certain medications, an excess of fluoride, or poor oral hygiene.

If you want to evenly brighten your smile with professional teeth whitening treatment, call Foothills Dentistry at (403) 910-5452. Call (403) 203-0367 if you are a returning patient. You may also schedule a consultation at this link to fill out a form for a consultation with Dr. Shruti Chahal. Learn more about what causes discolored teeth as well as how professional teeth whitening can reverse stains below:

Teeth Whitening in Calgary, Alberta

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Beneath the tooth enamel is a dark underlayer known as dentin. Over time, as your tooth enamel begins to erode, this leaves the dentin exposed. Dentin darkens the color of your teeth as you age. Dark spots on teeth can also be caused by dental injuries or certain medications. Bright white spots on the teeth are typically a result of over-exposure to fluoride, plaque buildup, illness, or trauma. Certain foods and drinks can stain tooth enamel, including coffee, tea, red wine, and sugary sodas. Using a straw will help decrease the chance of enamel staining. However, professional teeth whitening ensures stain-removal and a more even brightness throughout your smile.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

At Foothills Dentistry, Dr. Shruti Chahal provides in-office and take-home teeth whitening treatment. In-office teeth whitening treatment can be done in just one visit to our Calgary, AB dental office. For in-office treatment, Dr. Shruti Chahal ensures that the gum tissue is protected to minimize sensitivity. Then, she places a whitening gel on the teeth which is activated and stays on the teeth for 15 minutes. The gel is then removed and the whitening process is repeated two more times.

If you want to try convenient take-home teeth whitening, Dr. Shruti Chahal will take dental impressions of your teeth for a custom bleaching tray. She will provide you with a professional bleaching gel to evenly whiten each and every tooth. Dr. Shruti Chahal will give you instructions about how long the trays should be worn based on your personal whitening goals.